Wednesday, January 24, 2018

10 Years Later

As is painfully obvious, I do not know what I am doing.  I was just screwing around on the computer and found this "Blog" or whatever it is.  Way back when, like 2008, Laura started it for Karen and I. Not sure why I am really even typing this. I guess I am just curious to see if it is still active, or whatever.

I am going to try to include a picture just to see if I can.

Wow, look at that, it worked.  I know this is a crappy photo with the buildings needing to be cropped out, but this was Rocky Point for New Years 2018.  I guess I am not going to see if I can learn how to crop photos.

Sorry for the rambling. I am not sure who really has access to this. I am hoping just family members, but I guess I am going to find out.

Mike out, until another 10 years.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ok so as you all can see Mom and Dad have not updated this thing. So I have been saying it for 2 weeks now and Im finally doing it. Mom- You are the worlds greatest mom. I look up to you in so many ways. I have never come across someone who works so hard. You always have the big picture in mind and dont need all the other distractions to make you happy. You are an amazing gma to the kids. They are blessed to have a gma who wants to spend time with them. Its not always easy, more often its crazy but you are constantly giving of yourself and time to our families. I know that my kids love to sing songs with you and just be with you. I love that you can let us kids be ourselves, though it may not always be perfect. Thanks for always opening your home to us and feeding us. Thanks for being my example that I some day hope to be like and my best friend!!! You have shown me more love and patience than I deserve most the time and Im greatful.. I love you!!


Dad- Thanks for always making us laugh. You to are a great gpa and the kids have a ton of fun with you. Its amazing how Tylee loves to see you. Your like a giant teddy bear to her( only in heighth, not squishyness). I appreciate you also allowing us to just have free reign of your guys home even when its not convienient for you to have us. Thanks for showing us it good to have fun and keep life not so serious. I know that your life has not been the easiest and that major trials have been a part of your life. You are awesome dad!!! You have taught us kids well and how to respect people. Your a fighter and that is a huge example to me!!! Sometimes things in life arent as we have always planned but you have shown me to get up, move on and continue doing all we can. I appreciate you and love you alot. Thanks for everything.

Here is the Hiatt family Christmas Party. It was tons of fun and rather chaotic. Here are mom and dad with the kids waiting for the piniata!

Here Mom, Nancy and Jan. We got Lisa in the next picture. We didnt want to leave anyone out.This is Christmas morning. Thanks for the awesome breakfast. Tatertots and eggs is a real treat. You guys are the best we thank you for helping us get prepared as we have been asked to do time and time again. Mom and dad gave us 72 hour kits for all and toys for the kids. Thanks so much for your selflessness and once again seeing the big picture.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, thanks to Laura we now have a blog. Well kind of anyway. Neither Karen or I have any idea what we are doing. All the pictures were put up by Laura and this is going to be my first post to the blog. We shall see if it works. Thanks Laura for your help and getting us into the blogging community. I am afraid it might be 2009 before we actually post any new information, but we will try to keep it at least somewhat up to date.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Family Reunion 06

Mom said she wanted this picture on here but I couldnt find it on your computer. So I have taken the liberty to sign on and add it. Here we all are thanks to you guys for making it happen. We all love you guys and are blessed to have such good parents and grandparents. Thanks for all you do for us and the kids. WE LOVE YOU!!!!